5 Creepy Phone Calls that Can’t Be Explained


On May 14, 2008, Minnesota teen Brandon Swanson celebrated the end of the spring semester with his friends. On his way home, he accidentally drove his Chevrolet Lumina off the road and into a ditch from which he could not get out of.

He immediately got out of the car and called his parents on his cellphone to tell them he wasn’t hurt. As he wasn’t sure of his exact location, he told them he was near or around the city of Lynd. Still, they couldn’t determine where he was when they drove out to pick him up.

He remained on the phone for 45 minutes, trying to help his parents find him by flashing his phone’s light on and off. The teenager later talked about walking to a town he could see far off in the distance. Suddenly, Brandon ended the call after yelling out in surprise. What he was referring to remains unexplained.

He has not been seen or heard from since.

The morning after the accident, the Swanson family reported the missing teen to the police. But they were advised to wait, as this kind of behavior was common amongst young adults his age.

But Brandon’s parents knew their child would not run off without telling anyone. His disappearance’s circumstances became more confusing when his cellphone records showed he had been 25 miles away from where he said he was. This information led investigators to discover his car, near the town of Taunton.

No one knows if Swanson lied to his parents when he said he was near Lynd or was confused from either the alcohol or a head injury from the accident. Foul play has not been ruled out, but the most widely believed theory is that Brandon fell into the Yellow Medicine River. Still, extensive searches have not discovered a body…

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