Steve Townson and I are planning some Amazon River Monster "catch and release" fishing trips you can sign up for! USE CODE "BillsChannel" for special service! Check out this video and then contact for more information!

Our remote ‘fly-in by float plane’ Headwaters Peacock Bass Adventure trips are located in the upper reaches of two of Brazil’s top Amazon tributaries. They are on exclusive reserves in the wildest part of the region.

If you want Cichla Temensis or Giant Three-Barred Peacock Bass that can grow well over 25lbs. then look no further. Some of the biggest Three-Barred Peacock Bass in the Amazon can be found fishing with us in the Rio Negro and Rio Madeira watersheds. You can also catch smaller Butterfly Peacocks that can reach 12lbs and the ‘Popoca’ Peacock Bass that grows to 5lbs.

And if that isn’t enough, we also have Arowana, Bicuda, Jacundá, Pescada, Wolfish, Dogfish, Surubim, big Redtail and Piraiba Cats…

And if you like wildlife, we have Macaws, green parrots, exotic river otters, caiman alligators, Capybara, Pink Dolphins and a whole lot more!

As soon as you arrive, get your gear ready for an afternoon’s fishing on day 1, followed by six more action-packed days on the water.

Expect topwater explosions on surface lures like big propbaits, stickbaits, poppers and popping flies. You can also get lots of fish on bucktail jigs, shallow minnowbaits, large soft-plastic shads and flukes, flashy streamer flies and more …

With plenty of Peacock Bass in the many lagoons, points, lay downs, stand ups and sand bars, this is the adventure angler’s dream fishing trip come true.

Steve Townson will be right there with you, to give you tips on which lures to use and how to use them in all the different situations. His 20 + years of experience fishing in the Amazon makes this a great trip no matter what your skill level.

For more information contact – use code "billschannel" for special service!

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