Indias most advanced Secret Stealth Unmanned Combat Vehicle is Ready Ghatak AURA UCAV


Indias most advanced Secret Stealth Unmanned Combat Vehicle is Ready Ghatak AURA UCAV. Indias most secretive most advance SHLEATH Drone or Unmanned Combat Jet is getting ready for assembly and production.

The DRDO’s “Ghatak” AURA UCAV, or what was previously referred to as “AURA”, is perhaps the foremost secretive aircraft project of the Indian government, which is aimed to develop an unmanned stealth deep penetration strike bomber for the Indian soldiers (expectedly the IAF).

The design is predicated on the flying wing concept, which may be a tailless and undefined fuselage concept.

The new appearance made was during a lecture on UAV aerodynamics shared about fortnight ago, and therefore the craft is understood as SWiFT (Stealth Wing Flying Testbed) and resembles the Ghatak aura UAV physically.

According to the sources, the image is that the introduction of Ghatak AURA UCAV scaled-downed prototype with its undercarriage.

One of the models with flying wing SWiFT Ghatak is often seen, and therefore the institution the IIT Kanpur is reportedly studying the viability of achieving lower radar cross-section and conducting wind-tunnel tests, making an important base for future Indian aircraft projects within the aviation sector.

The technologies related to the project are expected to be 100% indigenously developed, however, controversies still prevail over the powerplant. In 2018, it had been reported that the prototypes would be powered by the Russian NPO Saturn 36MT turbojet.

It is expected by the time Ghatak AURA UCAV would be able to fly, India would have successfully developed its own engine “Kaveri” and technologies related to it. The engine is going to be developed together with French company Safran, which also came as an offset clause with the Rafale deal.

Other than IIT Kanpur, IIT-Bombay has also collaborated for the design and testing of the serpentine air intake duct (also known as S-duct inlet) for the engine.

The Ghatak is now a funded and sanctioned national defence project, and can likely see large-scale private sector participation going forward, given its many linkages with India’s AMCA fifth-generation fighter program, told LiveFist. It also revealed the small print of the connection between IIT Kanpur and therefore the Ghatak AURA UCAV India project back in 2018.

Currently, various nations are performing on the event of such aircraft with comparable roles of stealth bombing and reconnaissance, including the Russian Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik UCAV, which made its maiden flight in August 2019.

Similar projects also include British BAE Systems Taranis, German/Spanish EADS Barracuda, American Boeing X-45 and Northrop Grumman X-47B, French Dassault nEUROn, Lockheed Martin’s RQ-170 and therefore the Russian Mikoyan Skat. Indian army aura UCAV Indian defence news today India stealth bomber drdo aura UCAV India drdo aura.Ghatak stealth drone Ghatak ucav India combat UAV. DRDO aura flight test latest defence news Ghatak UCAV ucav Ghatak UCAV Swift Kaveri engine Sukhoi S-70 Taranis X 45. Ghatak project India Indian air force IIT Kanpur drdo Ghatak India china Ladakh India china news drdo news. Indias most advanced Secret Stealth Unmanned Combat Vehicle is Ready china us.

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