Indian Navy Test Fires Brahmos Missiles The World is afraid of


Indian Navy Test Fires Brahmos Missiles The World is afraid of. India test-fires Brahmos Missile from the fastest missile in the world from its Navy ship and also India urgently buys Winter kits from the US to stay on with China.

India has bought high altitude warfare kits from the US on an urgent basis, officials with the knowledge of the matter said, a sign that the South Asian country is preparing for an extended winter deployment after talks to ease tensions along its border with China stalled.

The Indian Army used an agreement with the US, which allows the two militaries to need logistical assistance from each other like buying fuel and spare parts for warships and aircraft, for the transaction, the officials said, asking to not be identified given rules for chatting with the media. The Logistics Exchange Memorandum Agreement signed in August 2016 aims to plug interoperability between the two militaries. India so far sourced high-altitude kits for its defence forces mainly from Europe or China.

The Indian Army didn’t discuss the high altitude warfare kits but confirmed the visit of 1 of its top generals to the U.S. According to the India Media Mint

India on Sunday successfully test-fired the BrahMos supersonic missile from the indigenously-built stealth destroyer INS Chennai, with the weapon hitting a pre-designated target within the Arabian Sea, the defence ministry said during a statement.

The 290-km range missile — an Indo-Russian venture — has land, air and naval variants.

“The missile hit the target with pinpoint accuracy after performing high-level and very complex manoeuvres. BrahMos as prime strike weapon will confirm the warship’s invincibility by engaging naval surface targets at long ranges, thus making the destroyer another lethal platform of Indian Navy,” it said.

The missile features a top speed of Mach 2.8 — nearly 3 times the speed of sound.

Defence minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the Defence Research and Development Organisation, BrahMos and therefore the Indian Navy for the successful launch.

India has test-fired a string of weapons during the last two months within the midst of the continued tensions with China within the sensitive Ladakh sector.

Sunday’s test came days after India test-fired an extended-range BrahMos supersonic aircraft which will hit targets 400 km away. The range has been increased from the prevailing 290 km. The extended-range variant was tested from the Integrated range at Balasore in Odisha on September 30.

The configuration of the prevailing missile — the world’s fastest supersonic missile — has been tweaked to reinforce its range. Increasing the missile’s range became possible after India’s induction into the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) in June 2016.

Commissioned into the navy in November 2016, the 7,500-tonne INS Chennai incorporates new design concepts for improved survivability, stealth and manoeuvrability. The warship can carry 16 BrahMos missiles in two eight-cell vertical launch systems, besides other sophisticated weapons and sensors, officials said.

Other weapons recently tested by India include a replacement version of the nuclear-capable hypersonic Shaurya missile with a variety of 750 km and therefore the anti-radiation missile to require down enemy radars and surveillance systems.

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