Dybbuk Box Opening Gone Wrong (Demon ATTACKS Ghost Hunter)


Watch Dybbuk Box opening gone wrong as demon attacks a ghost hunter. The demon said to haunt this box and which is believe to attack is Amon. This a real dybbuk box, with real paranormal activity caught on tape – not like the other fake ones on YT.

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Do you believe in ghosts, have you ever experienced the unknown, demonic activity, paranormal activity? Paranormal activity happens around us whether it is day our night. We document our ghost hunts live so that we can not only share paranormal activity real-time but also so that we can talk about these experiences in real time and try either validate or debunk our ghost hunts in real-time. Our paranormal experiments are designed to increase in paranormal activity so that ghosts, and demons can be caught on tape. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, paranormal activity or demons the things we caught on camera during this ghost hunt are completely unexplainable and creepy. Unexplained paranormal activity can be scary, but hopefully we will gather evidence of these creepy, and terrifying events together. Please don’t forget to subscribe, and hit the notification bell to receive notifications for our paranormal adventures

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