5 Hidden Camera Photos from Forbidden Places


A 1932 photo by Erich Salomon is believed to be the first and one of the only photos taken of a U.S. Supreme Court hearing. Cameras are forbidden inside the chamber by Federal Rule 53. But Salomon is said to have sneaked it in for Fortune magazine by faking a broken arm and hiding it in his sling. This photo shows the Old Senate Chamber of the Capitol Building.

The second photo was taken five years later by an unidentified woman. It’s believed to be the only image that captures all 9 justices seated in frame. The author of the photo remains a mystery, but it is said she was able to position her camera with the lens through a hole in her purse.

This final photo published in 1937 is believed to be the last confirmed image from inside the chamber. Little is known about its origin, but it appeared in the New York Daily News along with a story about the newly seated Justice Hugo Black.

The two last pictures were taken in the current United States Supreme Court Building, which was not completed until 1935.

In 2014, advocacy group 99Rise took this two-minute-long footage, the first-ever recording of the Supreme Court in session. It’s a mystery how the group managed to sneak in a camera through the metal detectors not only once, but twice in a month.

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