India US to attack China and India is leading US against China says China


India US to attack China and India is leading US against China says China. At a time of rising tension along the Line of Actual Control with China and increasing tensions with Pakistan, the Indian Air Force on Friday said it was ready for undertaking operations simultaneously on both the fronts.

China should stay alert as India can launch a surprise attack, said a retired Chinese general. In an article published on Li Jian, a defence-related social media account, Wang Hongguang issued the warning saying the danger of conflict has increased and with “incidents” in the Taiwan Strait and the upcoming US presidential election might present India with an opportunity to “do something big”.

“India only needs 50,000 soldiers at the Line of Actual Control, but now, instead of withdrawing troops before the winter comes, India has added 100,000 more soldiers in Ladakh,” SCMP quoted Wang as saying.

He further said that India has tripled its troops along the LAC which could easily cross into China in a few hours as they are stationed within 50km of Chinese territory.

A prominent Chinese strategic affairs expert who recently carried out a “survey” along the India-China border has warned of the prospect of worsening relations with India and called for “a reset of China’s India strategy” to deal with a fundamentally changed relationship.

The comments made by Liu Zongyi, a scholar at the Shanghai Institute of International Studies (SIIS) and fellow at the Renmin University in Beijing, in an interview with a Chinese website, have been widely circulated in China this past week,

Wang, a former deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region which is now part of the Eastern Theatre Command, said that China cannot afford to let its guard down before mid-November.

He said India had occupied “commanding heights” at various points along the LAC and upgraded infrastructure at an accelerated pace since 2014, suggesting China’s moves this summer were aimed as a counter. He said he had visited Yadong in Tibet, in the Sikkim sector of the border, but did not go near Pangong Lake in Ladakh.

His message to the Chinese public was that relations were, even before the May tensions, on a downward trajectory as seen in India’s moves in April to tighten curbs on investment from China. And following the flare-up on the border, he argued, that is all the more clear.

“We may still continue to pursue the line of thinking that the main pressure we are facing is from the United States and not India,” he said. “But the fact is, India and the United States today have become a single entity. In some respects, it is India which is leading the U.S., and is becoming a leading anti-China force.”

Defence minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said “Today, in 2020, Indian armed forces engage with Chinese forces on equal footing and have developed strong capabilities to give a befitting reply.

At a forward airbase from where Pakistan is 50 km and the strategic Daulat Beg Oldi is 80 km, the activity of fighter, transport aircraft and helicopters is going on day and night.

Due to the tension along the border with China, fighter aircraft are operating both day and night, and transport aircraft are continuously flying in and out of the airbase with troops, ration and ammunition in eastern Ladakh.

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