Dark Witches | Cursed By A Witch


Dark Witches are an Ancient Mystery, using powerful old world magic and shapeshifters. This true story begins with a women with Gypsy Blood who let her guard down who was cursed by a Persian Witch.
On this infamous evening of the Persian New Year celebration
dancing for a large crowd which started with twirling onto stage among smiles, clapping, and dancing, ended with slowly seeing double, sweating profusely as if I had a high fever, fatigued beyond
belief. Something strange had come over my body, and from
that moment on, I became a very sick woman.
I felt as if something was inside me, eating me from
the inside out. To be more specific, it was as if I had some
parasite in me that was feasting on my insides. My skin
turned yellow in color within a few days, and the slightest
touch upon my skin was pure agony. My dreams were dark and dismal.
GUEST: Rainbow Radaelli, Bio: A medicine women, paranormal, abductee and cryptid researcher along with her husband Michael.
Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv
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