5 Completely Out Of Place Things Where They Don’t Belong


Built in the 1960s, the Viaduct Petrobras was to be part of the BR-101 highway stretching through the Brazilian jungle… only to be abandoned and subsequently enveloped by jungle flora. The bridge-like viaduct was intended to expand the existing Rio-Santos Highway, but, unfortunately, the plan never came to fruition. A last-minute alteration saw the Rio-Santos connected to an existing coastal route, instead.

Standing 131-feet high, the 984-foot long bridge to nowhere is only accessible via foot. The span is also merely the most visible portion of a forgotten labyrinth from the abandoned construction project. Lost elsewhere in the surrounding jungle are retaining walls, tunnels, and the broken concrete foundation of a never used approach road.

Today, Viaduct Petrobras is a popular destination for urban and abandoned site explorers and bungee jumping enthusiasts. To get there, one must travel via a dangerous road at Porto Novo before trekking through the jungle the rest of the way. The former path used by construction workers is mostly overgrown by dense flora, so the journey takes around two days walking. Once at the Viaduct, tourists can take a decaying ladder to get to the top…

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