India China on a Risk of a Battle is Emerging as China fails to stop Indian army


India China on a Risk of a Battle is Emerging as China fails to stop Indian army. China, near the Pangong Tso lake, laying high-speed fibre optic cable for very faster military communication. Which is now spotted by Indian Government. As India took over of high position which was once held by the Chinese.

An Indian official said: “Our biggest worry is that they have laid optical fibre cables for high-speed communications. They have been laying optical fibre cables on the southern bank at breakneck speed.” The second official added, Indian intelligence also spotted similar cable laying on last month in the north of Pangong Tso lake.

In a recent news article in Newsweek, written by Gordon G Chang, a lawyer and commentator said, Mr XI Jinping has risked his carrier by failing in the LAC, who is the chairman of his Chinese Communist Party and the PLA. The failure of the PLA in the LAC will have a more furious consequence from Mr.Xi, as he will be looking to have a Victory parade of his own.

Why did China intrude into India?
In early May, Chinese troops advanced south of the LAC in three separate areas in Ladakh in the India China Border. Chinese army entered into Indian positions for years, especially after Mr Xi was appointed the party’s general secretary in 2012. Writer Gordon says that Xi is the “architect” of these aggressive moves into India and the Chinese troops have unexpectedly flopped.

Will India win the battle with China?
“India is not giving the invaders the opportunity to improve. Both sides have just accused the other of violating decades-old rules of engagement. It appears, however, the Chinese are the ones closer to the truth: India”s troops are displaying newfound boldness,” the author says.

Cleo Paskal of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told Newsweek that, New military exercise in Tibet this week by the Chinese and Tibetan Chinese force is warning for India and it is not just intruding into India anymore.

“The game has changed. You can say the Indians are more aggressive or more aggressively defensive, but they are in fact bolder and better,” Paskal told Newsweek.

India already is in a full alert from north to the west border with its Army, Air Force and even its Navy is in high alert and very active on surveilling the Chinese movement, we don’t how can China’s victory battle against India help Mr.Xi.

But, Chinese leader might not stop here, As the new round of Tension between India and China increased, he will use this to his advantage with his Military and with a war or small scale military expansion.

While the tensions between India, China increasing, In the Gulf of Eden, Indian Tanker ship carrying 31 Indian crew members was safely escorted by Chinese Navy and received a thank-you note from the tanker’s captain, according to Chinese Mouthpieces News Global Times. The Indian ship’s Captain was the one who applied the Chinese navy escort.

The 35th fleet of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy successfully escorted three foreign merchant ships, including Indian Crude Oil Tanker “MT Desh Gaurav,” Panamanian Chemical Tanker “Rabigh Sunshine” and Marshall Islands Bulk Carrier “Pan Clover,” to their destinations on Saturday after a two-day journey. India china latest news, china India clash, lac border news today India china face off at the border. India china news Ladakh border tension latest news. India china border fight the Indian army, china news latest, Pangong Tso. India’s defence minister Rajnath Singh warns China. India china border clash 2020.

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