India China Border Tension Rising Towards Battle


India China Border Tension Rising Towards Battle. India now changing its Military positions in India, China Border in all the finger area and Pangong Tso area. The reposition of troops comes after the August 31st 2020 new Faceoff Clash, India government said, it had established and chased away Chinese Army near Pangong Tso northern banks Heights near Finger area.

This comes at the time China and India still talking about vacating Pangong Tso area and going back to the old position, were China stayed inside its border. According to news published by US News, Already Chinese army moved its troops to the finger areas.

The new Tension turned as faceoff and standoff have to be known to Mr Xi Jinping President of China because without his conscious nothing goes through the military level in PLA. As Indian Military was well prepared to face any miscalculation from China, Pakistan and that is what happened on 30th August. As soon as they saw a large number of Chinese troops moving towards the area, Indian troops late Saturday night and early Sunday morning occupied many of the peaks in the area in a preemptive move.

According to Times of India, Indian Army chief military General M M Naravane reaches Ladakh(India) on a two-day trip to review the latest operational situation amidst the heightened military tensions with China after Indian soldiers occupied heights on the southern bank of Pangong Tso-Chushul sector over the weekend.

Still the brigade level talks between India and China going on and not coming to any decision. While these are going on, India yesterday Blocked 118 another set of Chinese Mobile apps and Games, which Includes India’s popular Game PUBG. India already accusing China of the Pre-empted move on Saturday night by China, China accuses India of crossing into Chinese border and establishing a post in Pangong Tso finger area.

in a major buildup, the Chinese army has deployed more Chinese tanks and infantry forces in the South Pangong region of Eastern Ladakh. India on the other hand already deployed its heavy Tankers T90 and upgraded T-72M tanks. As already India had established and captured new heights near Pangong Tso, China is trying to find another way to infiltrate into china.

Both the Indian Air Force and Chinese Air Force are continuously patrolling along the India China Border, with radar Planes and fighter jets. China has now ramped up its Military asset near the India, Nepal, China border, with many Land to Air Missile systems.

As Chinese Air Force base are pretty much far and in low altitude. In this, India has the upper hand with its high altitude air force base, Which all are in high alert all through North India. India’s Chief of defence staff General Bipin Rawat on Thursday said Pakistan could try to take advantage of any threat developing along India’s northern borders but warned that the Pakistani army would suffer heavy losses if it attempted any “misadventure”.

India now changing its strategy from defence to offence, that’s what India showing after August Movement. While China’s Global times says, India used the pressure from the US military in the south china sea on China to its advantage. India dominates the Demchok and Chumar area, giving soldiers a clear line of sight to the Lhasa-Kashgar (219) highway, a critical artery for PLA logistics supply. While China is blaming India for the aggressive troop movement on 30th August, China is stepping up its game by increasing its Land to air missile base near India. Indian army latest news india china border fight. India china standoff china military drill galwan valley. India vs china, border dispute china army china news india news Chinese army.

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