Creatures on the Roof


Early evening August 21st, 1955, eight adults and three children barged into the Hopkinsville police station to file a terrifying, sensational report. Brothers Elmer and John Sutton were among the bewildered witnesses. What followed was the telling of one of the most complete, notable, and consistent reports of a UFO sighting on record. Accordingly, their report stated that the event lasted several hours. During that time, the family spotted 12 to 15 alien creatures peering into their home and apparently trying to get inside.

The alleged incident took place at their family farm, on the outskirts of rural Kelly, Kentucky, a small hamlet. The family shared a sparse three-bedroom home that lacked running water, electricity, and even painted walls.

Despite later disputed descriptions, police officers there that night agree the whole family appeared distressed and afraid. For example, one of the Sutton men had a pulse of 140 beats per minute when they arrived.

Police Chief Russell Greenwell would later tell investigators that [QUOTE] "These aren’t the kind of people who normally run to the Police for help. What they do is reach for their guns."

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