5 Creepiest Underwater Recordings


In November 2016, Canada’s military began investigating a mysterious sound emanating from the bottom of the Arctic. The strange noise forced sea animals to leave. Desperate, Inuit hunters in the area filed a report. Ottawa locals described the sound as being so powerful it could be heard through the hulls of their boats.

Locals described the sound as a "pinging," emanating from somewhere on the seafloor in the Hecla and Fury Strait. Described further as a hum or a beep, the sound’s thought to have originated in Igloolik, an Inuit hamlet northwest, nearly 120 kilometers or 74 miles.

Reports of the sound reached the military. As part of Operation Limpid, an Sp-140 Aurora patrol aircraft searched for the source. The operation was tied to a surveillance program whose goal was to locate and eliminate threats targeting Canada and its interests. The aircraft’s initial acoustic search failed to detect any abnormalities in the area. Even multi-sensor searches found nothing.

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