India to face 2 front Battle with China and Pakistan


India to face 2 front Battle with China and Pakistan in winter. Indian spy satellite has found Chinese people’s Liberation Army or the pla found digging in the Tibet area near India China border in Galwan Valley standoff faceoff. Chinese troops have mobilised near India and the four Pakistan Air Force base on high alert.

India’s premier satellite Emisat operated by India’s Defence Research and development organisation (DRDO) has positioned the satellite into the Chinese occupied Tibet region. The military has increased its activity and has mobilized more troops near China India border in depsang region.

Between the two countries on the military level is failing to improve, in major part of the border area china is refusing to move back. On Friday according to Indian news media, India TV source said, Indian radar satellite RISAT 2BR1 reconnaissance satellite had passed over the Chinese Djibouti Navy Base in the horn of the Africa, where all the major countries have their military bases.

Indian satellite found to reports that there were three Chinese Naval ships in the water near the Djibouti coast. Whether they are moving towards the Indian ocean or to Pakistan or their planning to block the sea routes according to our predictions.

On July 11th 2020 Idia’s EMISAT ELINT carried out pass by near Pakistan Naval Base Amara and found that three Chinese ships are docked. The base can be offered to host submarines.

Pakistan now carried out military exercises in the POK Quadri Air Force base, with the Chinese made J 17 Jets have been deployed. the official source said the military exercises were carried out on the instruction from China, according to the Zee News of India.

According to the same Media news Pakistan Air Force Chief have visited the Air force base for an important meeting. Speculations are that China and Pakistan may intrude into India in the coming winter simultaneously, India might or may face two-front battle. Pakistan might come from pok and China from Ladakh.

Meanwhile Indian Air Force base foreign is in high alert for any surprise intrusion from both countries, also India having a closer eye on the movement of Pakistan and Chinese movement near the Indian border latest China news.

Lt.General Y K Joshi of India, while speaking to Indian news media CNN news18 said, China wants to change the status quo, That’s why China refusing to move back from the friction points. The buffer zones are temporary according to the Indian government, they are to avoid any immediate functions. already Chinese are building new structures near the border and also some hospitals.

The status quo could change if the stalemate continues for a long time and this is what exactly that China warns said the Lieutenant General of India. India china border fight additional Chinese troops Ladakh Pakistan troops lock, India-china lac faceoff. Chinese army Pakistan troops Gilgit-Baltistan pla deployment Ladakh Chinese troops Ladakh. Chinese buildup Ladakh. India vs china.

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