US Pentagon UFO Unit has Alien Spaceship and they are going Public


US Pentagon UFO Unit has Alien Spaceship and they are going Public. Pentagon to make UFO discoveries public, Pentagon’s UFO unit to make some findings public. Pentagon Has Off World Vehicles Not Made on This Earth. According to the latest report by the US government, The US Pentagon unit is going to reveal the existence of the aliens and they also have an alien spaceship.

In the New York Times latest report the Pentagon will soon become more transparent about your first or the unidentified aerial phenomenon task force which is under the naval intelligence. According to the Senate committee report from the last month the US is going to reveal our standardise its collection on the reporting of the unexplained aerial vehicle within 180 days and some of its findings.

In April 2020 Pentagon released some of the videos of you a force of the unexplainable objects caption with the naval pilots. Some analysis and astrophysicist says they could not verify what does video shows but they said it could be asked reflection bugs in the image code or it could be an alien visitor who travelled faster than light to reach Earth.

There are also more UFO sightings in Canada in a recent month per cent more than last year in 2020. Chris Rutkowski studies UFO’s said most cases are just ordinary mistakes or misidentification, only with 3% of them are explained, Rutkowski told to CTV news.

He also claims, these reports coincide with the recent New York Times report and covering the US department of defence on the unexplained aerial phenomenon.

On July 23rd 2020 New York Times revealed the US defence report a new of analysis task force. on July 10th Lewis Elizondo who led the US Government’s Advanced Aerospace threat identification program investigate UFO’s said that the Pentagon has a lot more highly classified videos of your UFO or UAP’s.

The paper also quotes one Luis Elizondo, a retired military intelligence official of 10 years, who is among a small group that is convinced that object of the undetermined origin has crashed on the earth with the material required for the study.

An astrophysicist named Eric W. Davis, who worked as a consultant to the Pentagon’s U.F.O. the division said that some of the found materials were from sources that “we couldn’t make ourselves.”

In April the Pentagon verify the footage of the UFO released in 2018 and 2017 was in fact real.

Former Senator Harry Reid of Nevada (got that, Nevada, okay?) is said to “hope the program will seek evidence of vehicles from other worlds,” according to the Times report.

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