Sushant Singh Rajput Spirit Session FOLLOW UP. More DETAILS Given as he Speaks CLEARLY.



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Hello again, and welcome. This is part 2 of my Sushant Singh Rajput spirit box session. This one gets deeper, and as we connect again he speaks a little more freely. I ask about his death again, and he gives me clear messages right back. In his voice.

Do know that I did ask more questions but spirit never answers all questions. I believe they have rules on that side as to what they can and can not t all about…or, they simply do not remember. Spirits are not physical, they are energy.

I thank you all for watching part 1, and sending so many love filled comments. I may do a part 3, if I feel he still wants to speak. If I do, my members here get first access and that is also a way you can help support this amazing work that I do.

This video is not monetized, nor is my last one so I rely on you guys to keep this progress with spirit communication going. A Membership is $5 and this truly helps me with the costs of running this, and continually creating new devices as well as deepening my connection. Thank you all. You can read up on my members area below to see what you get back for that $5:

LOVE is the KEY. I love you all. Be well, stray safe.

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