India urgently buys Military Tanks and China Increasing its Military in China India border


India urgently buys Military Tanks and China Increasing its Military in China India border. As military talks s going and China also expanding its military near India China border in Ladakh region. Indian Army buying lots of lightweight tanks to deploy in Ladakh. India to build roads in Bhutan and to challenge China in South America.

According to American news media Newsweek says China is expanding its military near India China border as even the talks are going on. Chinese media frames the original news was published on the New York Times. According to the New York times, it acquired the satellite image of the Galwan Valley where standoff and faceoff happened and the mountainous of LAC. Chinese troops have maintained a positioned on the India side of the Frontier despite Mr.modi claim of a victory.

As the Chinese troops have not mood out of all parts of their lac still the is going on. As the Indian officials said before the talks on, the de-escalation will take months on the process. Accordingly, it seems Chinese are still in some parts of India and also China is heavily deploying troops near China India border. China also weekly increasing its military drill in Tibet.

As the Indian opposition party and the Indian news media as crime China did not move out of India. There is no information on use is clarity on what’s going on with the talk no one can come to a conclusion. But India is not taking any chances, India is buying lightweight tanks to be deployed into the higher altitude mountains after Ladakh. India already has lots of Battle Tanks, fast movement India need lightweight tanks. Indian Battle Tanks unit for heavyweight and the already deployed near the China border.

India is buying these tanks on urgent purchases. As China has a maximum expensive road connecting a total of China, India has up to it. Already India’s buying many other urgent military purchases. This comes at a time India and China talks on not getting into any results and China is increasing its military presence near the Ladakh India China border.

As the Us has a prototype of lightweight tanks India cannot buy it. China is not an option at all, while Russia has a transportable spirit SDM one that has the capabilities of T 72 Tanks and T90.

India has proposed to build a road in Bhutan yeti territory, which China claims its territory. This road will enable India easy access to Tawang of Arunachal Pradesh. This will reduce Gauhati and Tawang by 150 kilometre Economic Times of India.

India pushing to watch South America challenge China, as it deals with billion dollars in trade with South America. India plans to get some military drill with Chile in the coming Naval Expo in the country of Chile. Now India has to focus on trade with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and other countries. Mostly these countries are looking to buy military equipment from India.

China can also do the same these countries by providing these products cheap and fast. India might face tough competition from China, as these countries already largely with China. But India’s biggest Trump Card will be the Bhramos. As many south Asian countries wanted to buy it, also some South American countries too. India Military India Army and Chiese military Army.

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