Indian Navy blocks Chinese Trade Ships in Malacca Strait in India Ocean


Indian Navy blocks Chinese Trade Ships in Malacca Strait in India Ocean. India always had a strategic advantage against China which is the malacca strait between Malaysia and Indonesia. This is the only thing China is afraid of India because all of China’s trade happens to malacca strait in the Indian Ocean.

Malacca strait which is so much closer to the Indian territory to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands already India has a military logistics pact with Indonesia in the malacca strait region. India has a huge advantage here as Indian Navy and Airforce can block all the trade happening to the Malacca Strait.

While talking to report cast on July 5th the renowned naval author larry Bond said China has a real concern that India could close the Malacca Strait. " if India wants to cut off trade with China all they have to do is to park a bunch of ships in the strait of malacca. And that said everything else is getting through that way.

All of the imports and exports to China happens through the malacca strait of nature oil import from the Persian Gulf, Venezuela and Africa. India can wantedly block this route during the intrusion Or a serious standoff Battle against India and China border.

Interest rate route around the Indian Ocean. To its belt and Road initiative, China is Building New ports in Pakistan. With sport and I can import and export easily without India’s blockage but Indian Air Force and Indian Navy can still take out the pot and the trade route. S0 that China has a third option which it can import and export Through The Arctic circle from Europe to China through Russia. Which is called polar Silk Road as the world countries are now using it frequently.

India can even all the Chinese try shapes with its allies in the Arctic Circle route. Now India’s also thinking about the strategic importance of the South China Sea to be used by the Indian Navy. Ladakh Galwan Valley India china border tension. Indian Military Base Andaman and Nicobar islands.

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