India activates Air Force Military Base against China and US sends Aircraft Carrier to China


India activates Air Force Military Base against China and US sends Aircraft Carriers to China Sea. India’s military base has been activated as the tension in the Ladakh escalating. Japan supports India and China sent ships to the Japanese water after it supports India. US Navy carrier ships have arrived in the South China Sea. Indian Air Force Jets actively flying near India China border.

India’s Frontline Jet Su 30MKI and Mig 29s are actively flying in Indian sky in Ladakh region. Galwan Valley situation is accelerating Indian Air Force have deployed its front line jets. Also, transport aeroplanes like C17 and C 130 are kept being ready along with Apache helicopters and heavy-lift helicopters according to ani news.

The entire base in Ladakh is so active, Indian air Force Wing Commander said Indian Air Force is fully prepared for operations and meet all challenges against China.

Along with this India has activated and fast and the works in Andaman and Nicobar islands which is India’s only tri-service command base with army naval and Airforce. Now India has increased and Fastened the military infrastructure development in the Islands. Most important military outpost and base which overlooks every movement into and from East Asia. Which is an important trade route for China? The earth force base Runway will have extended Runway now, so that big aeroplane can land and take off quickly. If India wants It can stop every ship entering through the Malacca Strait. The island is to get more infantry battalions, surface to air Defence system, MI 17 v5 helicopters, transport aeroplanes, patrol planes and more Air Force jets. Sukhai 30MKI for the mainstay jets operating in this Island.

While India is gearing up against China World countries on lining up to support India. Send it would do steadfast work anything for India and India wants already. The US Defence Minister welcomed all the efforts of India and I am sending 50000 troops to India, Philippines and Malaysia etc. And the US told anything India wants once they are ready to give as soon as possible. Japan also gave it supports for India against China before a few days. The UK is now rethinking its relationship with Pakistan and China has tension against China India is increasing. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it is wearing him as the India China border tension is increasing. Russia already said to provide all military equipment on a daily basis. Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi and President of Russia Mr Putin talked and shared thoughts on the India situations two days before on a telephonic conversation.

While Japan has stretched its support to India, China sends Navy ships to Japanese water as per media reports. To Chinese, Patrol ships enter the disputed Japanese Island waters. Already Japan has warned China on the intrusion in Japanese waters. While these are going on US aircraft carrier fleet conducts Naval exercises in the South China Sea.

Now China is trying to blame everything on other countries like India was the reason for Ladakh situations, you were the reason for Hong Kong, Japan and the Asian countries stealing its territory and now Canada has joined the list of this on criticising hong kong’s new law. Indian art was so active now then be for every India is now under full surveillance of Indian Air Force. Military base outside India. Countries Supports India.

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