India Sends Indian Navy to Stop China and France Germany warns China


India Sends Indian Navy to Stop China and France Germany warns China. China’s biggest dream of becoming Tech giant has been blocked by the world’s second-biggest internet user India. India and Chinese troops are in the high tensed talk in the India China border in the Ladakh region. India US, Japan is deepening surveillance in the Indian Ocean. France and Germany vans China.

As the tensed standoff between India and China has taken both countries to battlefront now, France has said it will help India in whatever it Wanted. Already France is one of India’s largest military equipment provider.

French Defence Minister Florence Pahli has expressed she is ready to meet India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at his invitation. Already France is a key player in the Indian air force with its Rafael jets. It is said to have 6 jets to be landing in India as already 4 in production and they might also join the Air Force once they are ready to fly. Even India Asin talk with Germany on China India border tension.

While India has banned 59 of Chinese apps days ago, there is a huge chance of banning Huawei company in participating in 5G network rollout in India. Mostly India might go for Nokia 5G networks. Chinese app ban comes at the background of India China border tension. Already both countries or blocking out their imports. Banning Chinese app means it’s a huge blow for China tech firms. Dream of becoming Tech Giants like the US, India cannot come through. India is the largest internet user and 30% of Chinese apps installed by Indians.

This will give heavy loss to Chinese firms like Tiktok, WeChat etc. While Tiktok has said it is ready to talk to the Indian government for any issues they have. India banned Chinese Apps related to privacy and national security reasons.

While these are going on Indian Navy have raised the surveillance in the Indian Ocean region to any moment of the Chinese Navy. Already a Few days ago Japan and India had Naval exercise in the Indian Ocean region. India has deeper ties with the US, Australia, Japan and France in the Indian ocean.

Indian Navy was asked to raise its lert level in the Indian Ocean region. Aadhar Chinese Navy has been making a regular pass by. In the last couple of weeks, the Indian Navy has increased surveillance missions in the Indian ocean. which is heart entrance to East Asia.

Now India’s blocking China in all form like economy banning apps which Chinese biggest investment and users in India. India is increasing its troops a day in India China border in Galwan Valley region. Trying to block Chinese waterways in the Indian ocean if China makes any bad moves. Also, India might activate its touch post base if Pakistan gets involved in India China tension.

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