India moved Air Defence system against China and US Warns China


India moved Air Defence system against China and US Warns China. Heightened tension between India and China Chinese air force is actively now have increased in the Indian China border. Chinese helicopters and Airforce Jet playing near LAC Ladakh. Now India has moved its new surface to add a defence system against China.

As part of the ongoing standoff and build-up in the Ladakh region, Indian Army and Indian Air Force have deployed our defence system in China border. Which Indian media says it came from their friendly country. While the friendly country can be Israel mostly or the United States. Russia said S400 can be delivered in one or two months time and other military equipment will come daily from Russia.

Show the New Defence system might be like S400 are just add land to add defence system from Israel or us. Nowgawan valley and Ladakh have become full-fledged battlezone, US has warned China on its behaviour against India. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said us is planning to move European military bases to indo-pacific. Already the process has been started over 25,000 US troops to be moved for India Indonesia Malaysia and the Philippines.

In order to counter China PLA, the US is reviewing its strategy against China. China has been expanding its footprint all over Asia and Africa. The South China Sea and the East China Sea is also now under the military zone of China. Japan is chasing away China in the East China Sea is mostly controlled by China than the Philippines Vietnam Indonesia Malaysia Taiwan combined.

India’s long friend and partner Russia is unable to stop China’s intrusion on India border tension. Ashwashila is totally locked by us Europe and un, it has to rely on China for its economy fully. According to many Indian analysis and think tanks, India has no option but to join hands with the US. Russia is not the same Russia it used to be during Indira Gandhi period. Yours is also not the same as before the US has more close ties than Russia with India. While China and Russia have like brothers than the friend India. China has more influence in more countries than before.

Why India has more advantage in the China India border. China has brought up its Su 30 Jets to tackle high altitudes. While India’s waiting for 300 Tejas Jet, 276 Su 30 Jets and 126 Rafael jets or to be joined or inducted into Indian Air Force incoming 10 to 15 years time.

Right now these projects were processed very slowly from 2014 if this were processed fastly play the Prime Minister of India Modi and the Government of India, India had not to struggle to fasten their military equipment to be delivered to India by Russia, Indian Military analysis and Indian media’s.

Now India has balanced the Chinese military in the Ladakh region openly said in a statement. India’s fully geared up to face and change anything from Chinese. India has many military bases along the China India border few nearby and bases are far or 700 miles apart.

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