Indian Air Force Enters China in Ladakh region


Indian Air Force Enters China in Ladakh region. After the general-level talks between India and China, China didn’t give it’s a word, that it will withdraw its troops from the Indian side.

Two days before Indian Air Force Jet fly passed through to show off strength. As China still not moving its military assets from Indian territory.

There were long lines standing of military lorries and artilleries on roads according to people in Leh said to a news report. An Indian army officer told to Afp that India has more strength in Ladakh now than before.

On another hand Chinese defence minister has said India was the cause for the serious standoff. also, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said the responsibility is interior not on the Chinese side.

Us intelligence said that China planned and order the intrusion and serious standoff in the Gawan Valley in India China border, according to Indian news media.

While Indian Air Force flying over a lazy to show of its strength and searching for encroachment from the Chinese side.

But still, the peace talk is going on India will not take Chinese word for anything and they have to do it once the trust is lost it takes time to believe and in some situations trust lost forever in Chinese.

Some analysis says India and China need each other for their economy to thrive.

Anti China sentiments are going in some parts of India, India has taken temporary steps to ease it. The Indian government has left it to the people of India whether they have to buy Made in China or not. But according to our analysis boycotting Chinese products will lead to a price hike, delay of products and demand will be created.

For except Steel vessels and motorcycle, mostly everything in Indian homes is from China directly or indirectly. Hopefully, both countries succeed in peace and proceed to their economic recovery.
If not military standoff could lead to battle formation.

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