India Deployed Air Force and Navy against China in Ladakh and India Ocean


India Deployed Air Force and Navy against China in Ladakh and India Ocean. India has decided to strengthen its aerial might by buying 33 Russian jets. Indian Navy and Indian Air Force on the other hand on high lert and doing heavy petrol near Ladakh and malacca strait regions.

The proposal for buying 12 new Sukhoi and Mig 29 Jets has been forwarded to the Indian government for very urgent purchase from Russia. Which will be 5,000 crores what’s the deal it will be approved this week. This is a second lot of purchase after 36 Rafale jet.

This comes at the time when India and China are locked in a serious stand of the Ladakh region. Also, India wants to buy the Spare equipment with the purchase of 33 Jets from Russia.

Indian Airforce rolling along LAC with fghter jet and also the Indian Air Force has scrambled its radar-based planes along with the LAC. When the Chinese intrusion occurs in India, Indian Airforce went into full high lert.

India’s Apache helicopters were seen rolling the LAC in Ladakh region and transport helicopter design to carry 777 artillery underslung fuselage report by NDTV.

Notably, tenzon has raised up after the in the Ladakh region. Indian Navy is also on high alert in the recent year’s Chinese vessels are supported near Indian waters. As many Indian navy officers have already said, Beijing or Chinese may not more in LAC. but it’s important to the route of a trade near Malacca Strait. Which is very closer to Andaman Nicobar Islands the Indian Navy base and air Force is located away from the Indian mainland.

India has its age here, it is considered Indian ocean assist backyard, but recent development and already Chinese submarines and vessels are entering near the Indian waters, this base is a significant threat to the Chinese trade.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a movable aircraft carrier for India, depence expert in 2012. In September 2019 the Indian Navy Force 2 Chinese research vessel shiyan-1 to return after it enters Indians exclusive economic zone in the Andaman Nicobar Islands.

It can become the next intrusion hotspot for India if the Chinese decided so. Already the Chinese Navy has usually increased its Naval asset for long-distancing. India is also slowly getting into the game now. galwan valley India china border.

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