10 MORE Unexplained Things That Were Actually Captured!


From a the scary face next to a little girl in a play area, to some more ghostly things that were caught on camera. Here are 10 strange and mysterious things caught on camera. Enjoy~

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10. Ghost at Minnesota State Hospital. Pay close attention to the window and more so, to the person standing in the window. It appears to be a young girl or woman but we can’t be sure. The figure itself looks a bit off. As if something isn’t right. The person sharing the video insists that it was a ghost. The ghoulish entity sent shivers down their spine when realizing what was actually captured. Do you see it? And better yet would you go inside to investigate?
9. A couple of days ago, this image began to go viral. In it a woman captured her daughter’s imaginary friend. As you can see there is someone next to the little girl. That is despite the fact that her mother insists that there was no one next to her at the time the picture was taken. Many people claimed to have felt uneasy at having seen it, as its face is extremely chilling.
8. Can you debunk this? The video posted with the description “Rattling doors – a ghost or can someone help me debunk this_ I’ve lived here for 3 years and my bedroom door started rattling for the first time in the last two weeks. There’s no wind and it takes quite explain it. Looking for answers.”
We can see and hear that the door is rattling and vibrating but what could possibly be causing it?
7. A vintage black and white photograph. Sometimes these can be very interesting, especially ones like these – where see something anomalous that we can’t explain. There is only one girl, wearing a white or light coloured dress at what we can assume to be a grave or memorial site, based on the tombstones just behind her. More chilling and obviously, the first thing everyone would notice is the ominous reflection in the water. There are 2 girls being reflected but there is only one girl there. How is this possible? Even more unsettling is why are both their faces distorted and blacked out in the reflection? So many questions this raises.

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