India getting Ready to Payback China with its Military


India getting ready to Payback China with its Military. While China is showing its strength in the Ladakh region so family. Indian soldier reportedly has a serious Face-Off Chinese army and Monday. India and China both accusing each other of the serious face of the standoff in the Galwan Valley region. China says Galwan Valley was always there’s and now the world is watching and no solution has come out yet.

In the last 48 hours, everything changed in India China border, which never happened in 40 years between India and China. Both countries accusing Each Other India said China had tried to change the status quo. Beijing says India is the one who crosses the LAC and provoked the Chinese. Still, the yesterday talk didn’t get any solution according to India as media report, china what about attractive building in the Indian territory which led to the serious face of and standoff in the region.

The strategically important in Galwan Valley china’s Tibet and India’s Ladakh region. The Monday serious standoff and face of also included pulling and pushing the others in terms of freezing river. Indian Army was massively outnumbered according to one of the army officers of India who told to BBC. It was 55 Indians vs 300 Chinese.

Now India’s people wanted to call for a ban on every Chinese product and Chinese manufacturing in India. World Prime Minister Modi of India is addressing people in his television coverage where he never takes questions said, India wants peace but when provoked India is capable of giving everything reply, be it any kind of situations.

His statement was more direct towards his opposition than China. While the opposing party of India Congress asking tearing questions on India China border issue. Prime Minister Modi of India and never answers and always will say it was Congress party is the reason for all of this. Kinematics questions answers straightly after 40 days of silent when many Indian soldiers have lost their spot on Monday Prime Minister Modi was used to give the statement. Now going around the World media.

China never gives a real number of Army losses. china still blaming everything on India, Indian China has a history of the faceoff and overlapping territorial claims along the 3440 kilometres and officially drawn l video separating two countries.

As India’s PM Modi came to be India’s Prime Minister with his Nationalist agenda and speech which you only did against Pakistan. India still now didn’t even give a firm reply to China. It really shows Modi is afraid to say any strong was against China and India has a huge deficit with China. which will crush and crumble the Indian economy if you talk anything bad about China.

China says diplomatic talks have to go on India and China talks on not getting any solutions going on Chinese have gone through a serious of military exercises yesterday new the Ladakh region in Chinese territory. Indian politician says India is not in 1962 now but China is also not in the same in 1961 of the Chinese officials to a news report that India China should have talked of negotiations as China has a biggest strongest military than India.

China has to Remember one thing, china can’t use all of its militaries towards India, us China border will be open for Russia Japan Vietnam courier US Naval. Also India strongest and one of the biggest military in the world next to China India is the only country has the capability withstand any conquest on the mountainous areas like in the Himalayas. Chinese military can come but cannot withstand the borders of India.

And while Indian PM Modi faces backlashes from the opposition party Congress and huge pressure from Indian people India standing still non-military orders on diplomatic solutions. Acid before by the Indian military officials on the home minister of India. Indian Military is ready to face anything from Chinese aggression struggling to solve the issue of don’t know to solve the issue Modi has called for an all-party meeting on 19th of June 2022 discuss the China India border issue after the series of the eye to eye faceoff.

India’s getting closer and closer to the US-Japan and Australia biggest Rivals in the US in Asia. India road construction near the LAC region with the US and Australia and entering G7 countries against lineup have Chinese to do something to stop India and bring them to the table for negotiation like in 1962.

India is a responsible nation which relies on diplomatic and backchannel talks to defuse tensions. China wants India on the table to talk for negotiation. While India’s economic weaker right now it China which it can also afford too.

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