US Australia says India has a Powerful Weapon against China


US Australia says India has a Powerful Weapon against China. While the tensions between India and China continuing in the line of actual control in Ladakh region Australian media said on Friday that India has a powerful weapon against China.

Australia was saying the United State as India’s powerful weapon against China. The ongoing standoff between India and China is going on both sides deploying more than 10000 troops. This comes at the time India and Australia had a strategic agreement on using their military bases.

When is propose day is India in the US are the world’s biggest democracies sharing common interest on the free trade defence and protecting strategic lines of the Indian Ocean by preventing China from growing influence in the indo-pacific region.

India US relationship has grown closer than ever before, as of now they both can call themselves are lies to each other. Long time us was not even in India’s interest. Is all change when Mr Manmohan Singh former Prime Minister of India brought us and India closer and made many deals which are still going on between both of these countries.

In 2015 present prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi invited the former President of US Barack Obama for India’s annual Republic Day celebration. And that was the first time and US President accepted the invitation and came to India. After that meeting, India became one of the largest and the biggest defence partner for the US.

Alice G Wells former principal deputy assistant secretary said on Friday that the US stands with India in pushing back against China’s constant intrusion of Indian sovereignty.

China’s military show their strength near the line of actual control as build up. In which India missed the intrusion of Chinese military occupying inside the Indian border. Which led to standoff of in the Ladakh sector and the Sikkim Nagula area.

Last month US President Donald Trump also said he would like to mediate with India and China if they wanted. But both countries rejected US President mediation.

The diplomatic talk still going on, both countries agreed to back of 2 – 2.5 kilometres. But Chinese occupied by kilometres into Indian territory.

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