India gets a Military Base in Australia to Stop Chinas Expansion


India gets a Military Base in Australia to Stop Chinas Expansion. In a strategic move, India and Australia have signed a comprehensive strategic partnership deal to join hands against China. While India and Australia or standing tough against China in these uncertain times. This remarkable move makes this deal a most important one.

India’s peace talk with China is still not yet going positive. This landmark deal will impact China hardly. As the world’s biggest democracy US India UK France Canada and Australia joining hands against China, mutual Logistic support agreement between India and Australia gives yah Pass 2 India’s growing military power in the Indian Ocean.

In the deal, India can use these airbases and Naval base for refuelling rearm repair dog and immunity ships and air forces.

India also already has a similar pack with the United States France Indonesia and Singapore. Last week of Thursday India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had important first time had a virtual Summit.

Hindustan meat both side agreed to increase military interoperability through depence exercise through there arrangement concerning mutual logistics support agreement.

Australia also said it will back India’s contingency for permanent membership of reformed UN Security Council and India’s country for a non-permanent seat at UNSE for 2011 22 terms.

Australia also expresses strong support for India’s membership of the nuclear supplier’s group, although China is the biggest buyer of Australia is Exports, there has been trading friction between the two countries recently.

Indian troops are locked in a standoff with the Chinese to from the disputed border in the high Himalayas, this comes at a time when India’s increasingly concerned by its huge trade deficit with China and expanding footprint in South Asia to his belt and Road initiative.

Deal India gets all access to the military bases in Australia, which means literally India gets military bases in Australia.

India is also considering Australia to take part in the upcoming Naval exercises with USA Japan and India the Pacific Ocean. In 2007 Australia withdrew from the naval exercises because of the China strong opposing. Indian military base abroad outside India.

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