India warns China with new NATO team with US Australia Japan


India warns China with new NATO team with US Australia Japan. China’s intrusion with India in the line of actual control and the china’s influence in the South China Sea and the strait of Taiwan has moved India into the spotlight unwillingly or willingly.

The anti-China sentiment is growing faster In India. Australia and India went one step ahead and made these ties into strategic comprehensive partnership engagement. Which means the US-Japan Australia India is becoming something more serious like NATO.

After China’s influence an intrusion, it became a concern for the quadrilateral countries to increase cooperation in all sectors.

Indonesia the US and Australia have clarified a comprehensive strategic partnership with India to the highest level japan and Vietnam have said they backing their Alliance too with India.

An Indian official said in a statement all countries are important to India but not all countries are equally important, there is a gradation.

The next level of comprehensive strategic partnership means it deals with all type of bilateral interaction and special focus while on the defence sector. India Australia to use their military base. The economy of India Ladakh faceoff standoff. India china border.

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