China in Shock as US wants India in G7 to Counter China


China in Shock as US wants India in G7 to Counter China.US President Donald Trump want India to be in G7 countries. He also invited Mr Narendra Modi the prime minister of India to join G7 summit in 2020.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted an invitation from US President Donald Trump to attend the next group of g7 summit. Foreign minister official said on a statement on Wednesday.

Original g7 was formed in 1975 – 76, it comprises the US Canada UK France Germany Japan and Italy.30 countries are not going faster as before from wants to extend G7 into G10 or G11. India Russia South Korea and Australia which will be in the G 10 or 11.

Trump warns the fastest economy the biggest military the Super science and technology advanced countries in his new G10 or G11. So it’s like an expansion of United Nation security council but however there is a catch in this movement, China is emerging as the biggest Rival for the US particularly after the economic recession in 2020.

India is one of the biggest and the largest military power economy in the Asian Rival for China. So including India in the G 10 or G 11 and upper hand against China. Already South Korea and Australia as America’s super friends Russia in 2011 will make us and Russia less arrival.

India has a relationship with China. As the trade Spat Rises with China, it made India and China relationship tougher. India China in the Chinese border, their relationship has become more complex. In this situation, the US India has become natural allies world’s largest in the world largest democracy. This might be the time to counter China with the US for India. In a statement foreign minister of United States send please contact Mr Trump extended an invitation to Prime Minister Modi to attend the next G7 Summit to be held in the USA.

Also, Indian officials have confirmed that Modi has accepted the invitation and would attend the Summit.

On Sunday Trump said he was postponing until September the G7 Summit that had been scheduled for late June 2020. as Trump calls the current G7 countries as an outdated group of countries.

During the call between Modi Trump calls his visit to India with Prime Minister Modi in February 2020. Relationships are getting deeper India and US getting stronger against China.

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