India China Race for the No1 in the World


India China Race for the No1 in the World. While India still finding is replacing China, china’s principle trading partners have become a major economic growth sector. Also at the same time loyal to the United States economy. US President Donald Trump behaviour against China has come into the light. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump fruitful words about Indian Prime Minister Modi has been increasing.

Mr Trump visited Ahmedabad of India in February 2020, Which made India and US very closer. One of the US congressmen has said, its time to make India Rich, Healthy and Wealthy against their mutual opponent. American companies want to back off from Chinese production, Which will be rewarding for India’s backing the American potentially significant.

As many countries are relying on Chinese production for their soul purpose, are now afraid of significant risk doing business with China.

According to reports from the Indian media that Apple company is considering bringing one-fifth of its production from China. Producing up to $40 billion worth of Smartphones over the next five years.

Japan Also trying to be less dependent on China and the Government of Shinzo Abe offering financial incentives to the businesses, which scale back their Chinese operation and invest in other Asian countries or better still relocate back to Japan.

China’s financial crisis has made Japanese and the Americans feel that they are often too dependent on China for crucial components of the items including medical equipment and the supply chain can be easily disrupted by economic recession or the political dispute like the US-China trade spat.

India has its own obligation with China. The border issues still ongoing with China, Little Talks with China and its trade relationship has been very slow in progress. Irritation over China’s reluctance to open its paramedical and IT sectors to the Indian companies.

China’s competitiveness in terms of labour cost has been affected by sustaining economic growth. Which led to a wage rise in many sectors. This has got an opportunity for smaller Asian nations such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia. Wages cost are low, ad the skill levels are Rising. They are now able to win many manufacturing contracts from abroad some of which would previously have been destined for China.

Likewise, India is also pulling its strings to bring back American companies, Japanese companies to the manufacturer in India. India lacks in infrastructural and road safety. While China TOOK two decades to reach this impressive level of international manufacturing hub status. India has to improve a lot to reach China’s manufacturing sophistication. If India can pull this off, India will become the world’s largest and the biggest manufacturing hub in the world.

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