India China in the Verge of a Super Battle


India China in the Verge of a Super Battle. According to the Indian media 10 to 15000 Chinese troops have been camp in the GalwanValley in Ladakh in India. Which is inside the Indian territory

Forces put up tents, dug trenches, and moved heavy equipment several kilometers is inside the Indian territory. The move came after India built about several 100 kilometers long connecting to a higher altitude forward which is reactivated in 2008.

One the Indian Experts says the situation is serious the Chinese have come into the territory, which they themselves are accepted as part of India completely change the Status Quo.

Reports on the Indian media say, reports in at least in three locations The Galwan Valley, hot springs, and Pangong to the south. India and China are deploying tens and thousands of troops into the line of actual control largest nuclear power and the world’s largest army came face to face much time, but this is serious now.

This is not a normal standoff between India and China. Already Nepalese accusing India of encroaching Nepal territory as India and according to Chinese military India’s one which entered into the Chinese territory.

According to Chinese media rumors, China was increasing its troops in Ladakh is due to India’s plan of occupying PoK with the Indian military.

If that happens China would lose more than $60 billion as BRI Infrastructures going on there. The Indian officials have no words on this. Chinese media talking very little about the intrusion in the Ladakh. While Chinese is much superior to India in the economy and military technology, India has many superpowers as its friends. Already Doland Trump has given it. Also, many think tanks think it’s a diversion tactic of China to ward off other nations against it.

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