Top 10 Climate Studies – Great for Sharing [2019/2020]


Climate Forcing Movie |

Top 10 List:
#10 Oscillation Modulation:
#9 Minimum Slow Walker:
#8 The Monsoon 60:
#7 Bitter Monsoon Winter:
#6 Impossible Signals:
#5 Molehill:
#4 No Sense of History:
#3 As Above, So Below:
#2 It’s Electric!
#1 Flashes from the Sun:

“What about all those other papers you mentioned?” The bibliography to our textbook on this topic (all 500 citations) is available at

GOLDEN RULE WHEN SOMEONE THROWS A CLIMATE PAPER AT YOU BLAMING HUMANS: ASK IF THEY USED PARTICLE FORCING OR IRRADIANCE! [So far, there are zero papers showing the mainstream story that use particle forcing… none]

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