5 REAL Scary Ghost Videos That Will Fuel Your Nightmares…


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From a scary ghost caught on a TikTok video to a supposed haunted pub. Here are five terrifying ghost videos allegedly showing paranormal activity first hand! Watch with the lights OFF for extra scares.

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5. Supermarket Ghost Caught on CCTV

WHEN ELISE OUR EMPLOYEE ANNOYS STACY OUR RESIDENT GHOST! STACY MOVES THE CRATE TO TEACH ELISE A LESSON.. DON'T BE FLIRTING WITH HER MAN IN THE STORE!Ooft looks like crate moved itself! Ha 👻😱Elise was fine just really sore butt.. but when we reviewed the CCTV noticed crate appears to moved without being touched.

Posted by Bourtreehill Supermarket on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

4. Ghost Caught on Baby Camera

3. Lamb and Lion Ghost Caught on Video

2. TikTok Scary Ghost & Haunted House
Reuben’s TikTok:

1. The Ghost Of Agatha on Security Camera

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