Spirits Predict WAR and more in 2020. Also, a Panabox Giveaway, Astral Doorway 2 Debut.



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In this video…

Today I share a few recordings from over the past three days and nights. Spirits keep talking of war, and also validate how they speak. This is some of the clearest more direct spirit communication ever documented, and it’s right here.

For ten years I have dedicated my life to spirituality as well as communicating and connecting with the afterlife. The Dead. I did this through love, trust, empathy, respect and being 100% open with no fear in my life at all, not even of death.

Since January, the higher realms have been warning us, through my sessions. First of the Virus, and now a War.

I hope that we can alter this path we are on, and I do not want them to be right. If they are may God bless you all. They are hinting that this could happen this summer in June or July.

This video also has a Panabox giveaway, and some samples from that spirit box in recent months. I also debut my new build of the Astral Doorway which is build #2. My original was just sent to Josh Louis of HOPE Paranormal for long term testing.

I love you all, and please stay safe and stay strong. We truly need to come together during these times.


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