The Unexpected True Story of the Dahu


The Dahu was once believed to be a legendary creature that resembles a mountain goat. It’s most well-known in France and the French speaking regions of Switzerland and Italy. The rise of the Dahu in to popularity happened in early-20th century French popular culture. It was an inside joke among natives and a spoof for fooling young children. The budding tourism industry brought to the mountains wealthy city dwellers with a somewhat arrogant attitude and very little knowledge of the countryside.

The mountaineers working as hunting guides would take advantage of the gullibility of some tourists to lure them into the "dahu hunt", with the animal was touted as a rare and precious bounty. Adding to it, the capture would therefore would require waiting alone all night on a chilly slope, crouched in an uncomfortable position. Since the last decades of the 20th century, the dahu is widely recognized as a fictional creature, a joke, and a metaphor for a tall tale.

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