Terrifying Discovery While Investigating Tiger King Mystery


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On today’s adventure OmarGoshTV goes to Big Cat Rescue on Easy Street in Tampa Florida to conduct a paranormal investigation to a cold case that was recently aired on Netflix’s hit show Tiger King. On Tiger King There was a story and surrounding conspiracy in connection to the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband Don Lewis and the case recently reopened after the show Tiger King was aired. Carole Baskin in the show is the owner of Big Cat Rescue and nemesis of Joe Exotic from the GW Zoo in Oklahoma. In this video OmarGoshTV goes to Easy Street to try and make communication with the spirit or ghost of Don Lewis to see why he disappeared and where he may be after 23 years of disappearing.

Omargoshtv believes he may have made communication with Don Lewis using his spirit box at Big Cat Rescue aka Wild Life On Easy Street but it came to an end and went wrong when approached by security at Big Cat Rescue. OmarGoshTV continues to do a spirit box session with his app after leaving and goes to a few other filming locations of Tiger King.

This case remains unsolved and hopefully we can shed more light and either prove Carole Baskin’s innocence or prove her she is guilty in connection to Don Lewis’s disappearance. If you have any information to this case please call 813- 247-8200 Hopefully the family after all these years can have some closure when the case is finally closed.

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