This may change your Belief System. The Dead, One on One.



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In this video…

I give an amazing demo of the Astral Doorway Spirit Communication station without a radio, without an app, without a ghost box attached. Just using MY voice, and the results are insane! I also test it again with non scanning Radio and talk about the importance of all of this.

Yes I am talking with the dead directly in this video. The other side. Souls. Spirits. I have been doing this for ten years and have connected with thousands of spirits along this journey. I have also changed my entire life, for the better with the guidance of spirit and guides.

The machine in this video will change the world as it is the first of its kind ever invented and it is the culmination of my years of research. We ARE finding answers about the other side and we have proven again and again that our soul never dies.

LOVE IS THE KEY. Love you all!

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