Man creates REAL Telephone to the DEAD. This will CHILL YOUR SPINE & BLOW YOUR MIND.



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In this video…

Today I share with you my completed Astral Doorway Spirit Communication Station. I also show you how spirits speak, how this works and how I use it to help the living and the dead. This is only the start and after nearly ten years of working on this, I ave completed my most amazing device yet to connect with and speak with the dead.

Yes this Astral Doorway is amazing but it is just part of the solution for spirit contact. The most important part is US, THE LIVING as we must connect with spirit before they will use any device to speak.

Here I show you HOW this all works. HOW spirits speak and HOW my Astral Doorway is bringing in a new era of spirit contact and communication.

Love you all! LOVE IS THE KEY!

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