In todays video, I go to the REAL LIFE CONJURING HAUNTED house ALONE at night to see if it is more active at night than in the day time.

My spirit box I use (USE RESPONSIBLY)

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Portrait lens
Wide Angle Lens (my main lens)
Zoom Lens (pretty good all around lens)
Small Compact Camera: I use this camera ALOT!
Smaller affordable option: I use this one alot for vlogs
Mini Tripod
Camera light
Compact Drone
Bigger Drone (AMAZING)

Ghost hunting equipment:
Double Spirit box (not the app)
Smaller spirit box
EMF meter

My computer I use to edit videos:

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More info: in this uncut raw footage paranormal video, omargoshtv goes and visits the real life conjuring house where they found a doll and bad spirits were conjured up in this haunted house using witchcraft. UN CUT

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