Something VERY STRANGE Is Happening In Our SKIES! 2020


Statement From Eyewitness:  I have been an avid follower ever since I can remember, possibly since you have been online. Like many of your viewers, I have witnessed many sightings over the years and continue to do so, the most prolific was of a spherical metallic object that hovered over the city I live in. I watched this object for about 15 minutes just hang in the sky.

As of recent I have been going through all the photos that I have taken over the years of anomalies, something I wish I had better managed where it is a time-consuming process but did find these photos of a couple of planes (one far off in the distance and one closer) releasing black exhaust, something I haven’t seen before and can only think it is nefarious.

I have shared all the photos that I took (shared link to follow this email), all of which are undoctored, they are directly from my camera (Canon 7D). These were taken while flying from Switzerland back to Canada!

While I continue to go through my photos in the hopes of finding more photos to share, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Cigar Cloud Russia

Devil_Travels Yuma UFO

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