Demonic Possession Is Real


Are suffering from a demonic possession, poltergeist, or personal haunting? Are you at that point where you find yourself in utter turmoil and emotional devastation? After you have seen a physician and had a thorough medical and psychological exam and have been given a clean bill of health but still have symptoms of demonic possession, and say to yourself, “What do I do next?”
The Order of Exorcists is a group of clergy and exorcist investigators with many years of real experience in dealing with the demonic, we may be able to help.CONTACT:
GUEST: Archbishop Ron Feyl Enright
The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel-Order of Exorcists is NOT under the Vatican. It is an autonomous and independent branch of the Catholic faith which derives from the ancient Old Roman Catholic Church of the 12th Century.
HOST ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv

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