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#1DemonHouse, Poltergeist Case featured on Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans untold truth left out in Seattle”. Keith Linder tonight shares the untold truth of the paranormal activity at the Demon House of Seattle. Demonic Haunted Home true supernatural story, Demon House “Demons In Seattle” Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventurers Investigation left with zero evidence, THEY WERE WRONG! A poltergeist haunting in Seattle caught the eye of local news, Coast to Coast AM and the entire country. Keith’s ordeal has caught the attention the of the international paranormal community as well. Keith Linder, author of The Bothell Hell House… talks about restoring name. Educating the Paranormal community about the extreme events in the home both past, and present…..yes, the haunting still continues. This true story picks up where the previous book left off. Keith Linder, an IT professional from Texas living outside Seattle Washington, feels the time is right for him to exit the home many now say is haunted. The question everyone’s asking themselves right now is what happened here? Why is this house haunted? Now that the two independent paranormal teams have substantiated Keith and Tina claims of the house being haunted Keith feels the time is right for him to move out. That should be easy right? Not necessarily. Not only is the activity showing signs of resurfacing. But one question that haunts Keith more than any other. Will the spirits follow him? Attachments – Poltergeist of Washington State has more video evidence than its predecessor. More EVPs. More unexplained audio data. More pictures of what was chasing Keith and Tina. And yes the reason why this house was behaving the way it was and the true makeup of the black wall markings are revealed in great detail in this book. The truth emerges. But at what cost to Keith?
Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich #paranormalzonetv
Keith Linder:
Free report for all your listeners, 60+ page report on how Ghost Adventures got it wrong
Shadowy Figures Videos

Demons / Minions

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Preview YouTube video Demons in Seattle – Shadows
Preview YouTube video Demons in Seattle – Shadows
Preview YouTube video Demons in Seattle – Demons
Preview YouTube video Demons in Seattle – Shadows
Preview YouTube video Demons in Seattle – Shadow
Poltergeist – Heartbeats

Poltergeist Heartbeats

Poltergeist Heartbeats

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