Afronauts – The Plan to Send a Girl and her 12 Cats to Space – Dark Footage


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Unconventional but inspirational, the first “Afronaut” program gave a new nation reason to dream… The 1950s and 1960 were marked by the decolonization of the remaining colonial holdings in Africa. As subjugated people liberated themselves, mostly from British control, the minds of ambitious men and women sought to stabilize and develop the newly formed nations as quickly as possible with the intent of matching the experiences and quality of life provided within the developed world.

One man with such ambitions attempted to launch an unprecedented and exciting project in the newly formed nation of Zambia: sending a 16-year-old school girl and her twelve cats into space. It was to be Africa’s first space program… a mission which students can be seen preparing for here. Yet, to this day only three nations have successfully sent humans to outer space, the Soviet Union, China, and the United States. This African space project was a massive failure, ridiculed at best, and ignored at worst, but how did it come to be?

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