Spirit CLEARLY answers WHY I was chosen to do this work. Astral Doorway brings Answers.



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In this video…

Today I share with you something special to me, and a very important video. I feel THIS Astral Doorway will make history as nothing in ITC’s history has been like THIS.

I have worked for ten years on this, non stop. Always trying to advance spirit research with a laser focus. Especially over the last few years. When I made my original GOLD BOX (as seen in this video) I thought for sure I cracked a code. But now, I have a much better understanding of how spirits speak, what they need to speak and the various frequencies and energy types they use to audibly speak.

My Astral Doorway as you see it here is not yet complete. It will take me around 2 more months to finish it and I am shooting for a Jan 2020 completion date.

This is not for sale, never will be, so do not ask. ; )

ITC Research is what I do. It’s my full time job. I eat, breathe and live spirit research and it has taken me almost ten years to get to this point to where I realize it is the connection that is most important.

I talk about all of this and much more in this video which is a MUST see. We never truly die my friends and I have been proving this for years, along with many others who do real ITC Research. Yes there are many frauds here on youtube, and I know who they are…but do not confuse what I do with TV, Entertainment, Acting or for any other reason besides progressing true spirit communication research.

This is what makes it all worth it, and it will only get better. This is only the beginning.

I love you all,


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