3 Disturbing Cases of Uxoricide: Husbands Who Kill Their Wives



For some, the concept of marriage is their one goal in life; their biggest dream. They crave having that shiny ring on their finger, and the stability, safety and selflessness that comes in the form of vowing to devote the rest of their life to a partner. For others, marriage is a curse; they relish in their freedom and independence, so it’s their own personal nightmare to be tied down to one person. Of course, there are plenty of feelings in between that don’t stray quite so far one way or the other, and then there are the people who become so engulfed in their own feelings and become entrenched in bitterness, anger and resentment that they only see one way out. Committing uxoricide is the act in which a husband kills his wife, and in today’s video, we’ll be exploring three disturbing cases of such incidents.

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