The World MAY NOT be READY for THIS kind of Spirit Contact. The Astral Doorway 2020.



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In this video…

This is probably the most important video I have ever made over all of these years. Why? Because the device featured here has been years in the making. It is in prototype form, and it appears that the KEY to spirit communication has been unlocked. Pure, direct answers, clear, conversational and it all has to do with the connection, and the way this device allows spirits to speak much easier, and much more direct. It’s only 65% complete, I will only make ONE for my research and the cost to build will come in at around $2800 when complete. It will NOT be for sale. This is not another portal, or wonder box…but an entirely new way to look at and achieve amazing and real communication with the other side. With this Astral Doorway Spirit Station (What I have called it) I can turn it on, connect, and within 1-3 minutes start speaking directly with those on the other side. With lost souls, guides, and others who reside in these realms.

I have also spent days, weeks, countless hours testing frequencies over these past 9 months and I found one that is doing something interesting. Well, I found two but more on that later and what each one brings in. Yes, we may be able to use certain frequencies to attract the spirits we desire. (keeping evil out). Still testing these two…
So look for my new video later today (at YouTube) as it will showcase the most direct and clear REAL spirit communication ever recorded in the history of the world (at least that has been shown publicly), and that is not hype, it is reality.

I also talk about it at the end and address those who will assume this is fake. IT IS NOT, and anyone who does fake this deserves to go to a dark place when their time comes at the end of life. I take this as serious as I take my own life. Mocking spirits, and the spirit realm is not good, and sadly done by many today for attention. Even so called “Reality TV” that is never really REAL. What I do is 100% real, and I have been studying this for almost TEN years now. Documenting ALL of it along the way. This needs to be studied, looked at and shown to the world.

This is one you will not want to miss. It’s not hype. Just remember when you watch it, it’s all real and this is as good as spirit communication gets in todays world. LOVE YOU ALL, and remember LOVE IS THE KEY.

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