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7 SPACE Conspiracies that Will BLOW Your Mind

7 Space Mysteries and Conspiracies

In November 2014 the world rejoiced as the Rosetta spacecraft successfully dispatched the Philae lander onto the comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko. Well, most of the world celebrated, aside from the morons obsessed with Matt Taylor’s Hawaiian shirt, which I personally think was an awesome piece of clothing any man would be proud to wear. But what’s more interesting is how the Rosetta mission was suspiciously well-funded and swiftly executed, and the reason why will blow your mind.

On January 6th 2015 NASA was broadcasting a live feed from the International Space Station’s High Definition Earth Viewing Platform when suddenly, this happened.

The Russian Space Agency has attempted 22 probe missions to Mars, and all but one have been a complete failure. The red planet doesn’t want to invite the red Russians to the party, because even their one vaguely successful attempt involved only brief observations before the lander failed. So why do Putin and his pals have such bad luck in trying to reach the Martian surface? The answer may lie at the doorstep of these fellas.

Climate Change is a literal hot topic right now, with scientists and people on the left claiming man is to blame for global warming, and conspiracy theorists and right-wingers claiming it’s a natural phenomenon exaggerated by dirty hippies with a total nature boner.

The theory that man never made it to the moon is a popular conspiracy, but for all the observations on light, shadows, atmospheric conditions and the rest, most people fail to take into account one giant problem with their analysis – Russia. At the Cold War’s height the Soviets would’ve jumped all over the slightest hint of space-skull-duggery, but the USA’s greatest nemesis fully verified the achievement of the crew of Apollo 11. However, what may not be real are the videos of this historic moment.

One of the main reasons so many moon-landing conspiracists continue to believe man never went to the moon is the lack of evidence provided by modern day technology. They argue if the Government pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at the moon landing sites we’d have all the proof we need. So why won’t NASA do this? Come on NASA, stop being such a tease.