22 (Relatively) True Cartoon Conspiracies – (Ep. 100) @ChannelFred

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In this Cartoon Conspiracy compilation episode, we went back and found every single one of Emily's theories that were almost too good to be true and collected them in one mega-episode. From GIR's true intention on Invader Zim to Spongebob and his friends being based off the 7 deadly sins, find out which os the past 100 theories were (probably) true in the end!

The Jetsons & The Flintstones 00:00:35
The Simpsons 00:03:15
Courage the Cowardly Dog 00:06:48
Pinky & The Brain 00:10:22
Scooby-Doo 00:12:48
Winnie the Pooh 00:15:23
Fairly OddParents 00:20:05
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 00:23:50
Mario 00:25:58
Teen Titans 00:29:47
Disney Princesses 00:33:24
Batman The Animated Series 00:38:58
Over The Garden Wall 00:43:43
South Park 00:48:37
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 00:53:06
Peter Pan 00:58:43
Rick & Morty 01:05:01
The Magic School Bus & Doctor Who 01:10:21
Aladdin 01:16:16
Invader Zim 01:20:36
Spongebob & The 7 Deadly Sins 01:24:52
Hey Arnold 01:31:05

Welcome to Cartoon Conspiracy! Dive into the mysteries and fan theories of all things animation with your host Emily as she takes a critical look at how the theories hold up.

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Cast & Crew Credits
Directed by & Starring: Emily Carson
Written by: Jessie Greenberg, Emily Carson, Elissa Vallano,
Executive Producer: Fred Seibert
Producer: Jake Krengel, Matt Gielen, Carrie Miller
Background Art by: Lauren Emory
Edited by: Kristen Valdez

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